Luxury Linens for the BED, BATH and TABLE


With a holistic artisanal approach, Liz Barbatelli styles, designs and curates custom programs of made-to-measure luxury residential linen collections and everyday luxuries for homes on land, air and sea.

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Styling, Curation &

Liz Barbatelli works with a broad range of clients, from homeowners, interior designers and architecture firms to luxury brands, hotels, restaurants, yacht purveyors, advertising agencies and set productions, to create considered fine linen programs and luxury essential curations that reflect unique expressions of style tailored to specific design and functional purposes for every space and environment.

Liz Barbatelli works closely with a variety of private clients and creative industry professionals including:

  • Homeowners, high profile individuals and busy executives
  • Interior designers and architecture firms
  • Yacht and private aircraft purveyors
  • International luxury brands
  • Luxury and boutique hotels and restaurants
  • Production and set designers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Real estate professionals
  • Event planners

Project Scopes & Experiences

Work with Liz Barbatelli to achieve specific project and desired luxury lifestyle experiences, including:

  • Elevating and personalizing the most intimate areas of your home, such as dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Creating unforgettable, stylish presentations for special moments with family and guests
  • Preparing or refurbishing your home for special occasions and receiving guests
  • Professional guidance and expertise in selecting some of the most important and used items in your home, including bedding, towels, bathroom accessories, table linens,  napkins and placements, throws and more
  • Building a new home and preparing for everyday living and guests alike
  • Designing, selecting and curating a signature luxury home collection 

Interior Designers

Liz Barbatelli collaborates with interior designers in a synergistic partnership that simplifies the design process with comprehensive services providing an expert one-stop-shop for curating, purchasing and installing linen and luxury accessory programs for their residential clients.  With dedicated attention to detail, advanced experience in home design and a highly-organized ordering, tracking and delivery system, Liz brings a specialized level of expertise to client projects that alleviate designers’ workload and offer invaluable assistance from start to finish. 


Everyday living takes on a new level of ease and luxury for homeowners working directly with Liz Barbatelli, as she offers exceptional guidance for and the curation of personalized lifestyle experiences throughout every area of the home. From organizing and styling currently owned linens and other personal luxuries to a full-service curation, purchase and installation program for everything from mattress pads up to exquisite bedding and table designs, Liz works intimately alongside private clients to create a most comfortable and uniquely beautiful home.

& Yachts

With substantial partnerships with creative studios and premium purveyors around the world, Liz Barbatelli creates captivating designs and made-to-order bath, bed and table curations specialized for the distinctive environments of private aircraft and luxury yachts, appointing these extensions of the home with the utmost in residential comfort and exquisite design.

Commercial Sets

An educated eye for visual proportions, composition, texture, color and style, matched with an extensive black book of purveyors, Liz Barbatelli curates the artful and stylish environs that enhance the unique creative vision of imagined settings for advertisements, video and film.


With decades of definitive experience in stewarding made-to-measure home collections from design concept to product life, Liz Barbatelli is an invaluable partner for brands seeking to develop a comprehensive home collection, from fine bed, table and bath linen programs to expansive lines of luxury residential accessories built from a foundation of beauty, balance and functionality.

Restaurants, Hotels &

Liz Barbatelli provides restaurants, hotels and luxury commercial businesses with fine bed, bath and table linen programming consultation and creative services that deliver best-in-class amenities for coveted residential-feel guestrooms and baths, luxurious spas and unique dining experiences.

Private Events

Liz Barbatelli and her expert team design the perfect setting for holidays, private dinners, receptions and intimate events, enriching a space – residential or commercial – with a personalized selection of fine linens and entertainment luxuries that elevate a special occasion or make any day extraordinary.

Process & Recommendations

Here are some noteworthy considerations when enlisting Liz Barbatelli for styling, consulting and design services to best achieve your fine living product programming dreams:


Collaborating with a specialized expert who is involved in the initial planning and execution of the design process for certain home environments ensures that the project is smoothly executed and installed.


Incorporating budget for essential soft goods and accessories at the early stages of a project clarifies and aligns your overall budget for the client or homeowner and keeps important everyday lifestyle luxuries a priority.


Determining timing needs at the onset of a project best actualizes the desired vision and expectations. Some made-to-order special event linens and holiday essentials require a longer time frame for development and completion. Planning the completion date in advance with the linen stylist is highly recommended.


When working with interior designers or homeowners alike, it is most effective to bring Liz into the design process of a residence early. Following review of the client’s selected fabrics and furnishings, and initial presentation of the project, Liz will collaborate and consider the full scope required for programming, including style, fabrication and quantity of linens and accessories per bedroom, bathroom, formal dining room, kitchen and casual dining areas, outdoor areas and all living spaces. As linens and essential daily luxuries are of equal import as other furnishings in the home, curating these items in tandem with the overall design process brings a truly comprehensive and personalized level of experience into the final composition.

With decades of definitive experience in stewarding made-to-measure home collections from design concept to product life, Liz Barbatelli is an invaluable partner for brands seeking to develop a comprehensive home collection, from fine bed, table and bath linen programs to expansive lines of luxury residential accessories built from a foundation of beauty, balance and functionality.



“A love of linens is innate in my being. There’s no greater comfort than beautiful Supima cotton bedding, 100% Giza or Egyptian cotton towels, and gathering family around the dining room table dressed to perfection with linen napkins and festive settings.”

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“An environment infused with luxurious, quality linens elevates and enriches our lives in the most remarkable ways. From hand-finished Supima cotton bedding and pure Giza bath towels to a simple linen napkin beside a morning coffee, everyday moments are transformed into extraordinary.”


“A love of linens is innate in my being. There’s no greater comfort than beautiful bedding, 100% cotton towels, gathering family around the dining room table, dressed to perfection with linen napkins and festive settings.”

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