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March 22, 2023

What to Expect When Working With a Linens Stylist for Your Home Decor

What to Expect When Working With a Linens Stylist for Your Home Decor

Homeowners, realtors, interior designers, hotels, and many other prestigious brands are seeking the artful eye of an expert linens stylist. But, why?

Investing in a personal linens stylist gives you the experience of seeing the vision for your home come to life by transforming your space, without having to compromise your time and energy and with the benefit of their resources and honed aesthetic. The expertise and passion of a linen stylist ensures you’ll select the highest quality, expertly curated luxury linens for your space, home or away. 

What Services are Provided by a Personal Linen Stylist?

Linen stylists provide custom style and design consulting for a variety of clientele and projects ranging from residential to commercial: estates, homes, boutique hotels, yachts, airlines, and more. They offer their expertise in sourcing from the finest in luxury bed, bath and table design or to the specific needs of the client. Below is a list of some of the services that are contributed by a personal linens stylist:

  • Staging a Home
    Professional linens stylists have an eye for design, allowing them to create some of the most beautiful rooms and spaces. Interior designers, realtors and homeowners often seek a linens stylist to assist in staging a home, particularly the beds, bathrooms, and throws for the living space, for viewings to help accentuate its best features. If you are considering selling your home, a linen stylist could save you the time and energy it takes during the staging process. 
  • Room décor
    Even the smallest details make the biggest impact. A linens stylist will incorporate impactful additions to curate artful, picturesque rooms that look like they belong in a magazine.
  • Media Room  
    Media rooms are an immersive section of a home that welcomes a wide variety of social interactions. An expert linen stylist can curate the perfect throw and pillows for your space that is selected or custom-designed to your personal preferences for both entertaining, and relaxation.
  • Great Room/Family Room/Den
    Every room in our home gives us an opportunity to have a luxurious experience. Curl up with a good book and the ultimate comfort of a plush, cashmere throw. Or host a casual event with a classic or festive cocktail napkin set. Whatever you plan to celebrate in your home, a linen stylist can bring your vision to life. 
  • Bedroom 
    We start and end each day in bed. Replacing your ordinary bed sheets for fine, luxury bed linens makes waking up and going to sleep a heavenly and healthy experience every time.  

    Luxury bed linens can include everything from sheets, shams, duvet covers, quilted coverlets, pillows, comforters, mattress pads, and bed skirts. An expert stylist will curate a combination of linens and bedding accessories that reflect your unique personality – not only in style, but also in terms of preferences for quality, comfort, thread count, and material.
  • Bathroom 
    What can (and should) be a spa-like experience can often feel like a chore. Turn your bathing into a luxury ritual by having an expert linens stylist replace your old bath towels with new plush towels from the finest manufacturers at renowned linen houses and retailers. With the right selection, luxury bath linens can turn your home into a retreat that gives you and your guests something to look forward to.
  • Dining Room
    We spend many of our special moments gathered around the table. Something seemingly simple as replacing your old tablecloths, placemats, and linen napkins can elevate the experience beyond your basic, daily routine. A personal linen stylist navigates the marketplace to find luxury, high-quality accessories and table décor that invites extraordinary experiences into any occasion, big or small. 

Why Work with a Linens Stylist

Good design is inherently restorative and joy-giving. There’s a sense of being well-cared for with the touch of hand to a sumptuous sateen sheet with detailed attention to the finish of a stitch or a hand-loomed cashmere throw wrapped around the shoulders. 

A linens stylist has the passion and desire for helping you discover the objects that elevate your living experience every single day. Working with a stylist can show you that it’s possible to indulge in quality products that provide both comfort, elegance and function to your space.

The Best Time to Bring in a Linen Stylist

Those wondering when to bring in a linen stylist for their design and decor needs should consider the following:

Objective – Consider the overall goal for hiring a linen stylist.  What do you want to accomplish? A few ideas might include: 

  • Function: What is working in your space right now? What is not? 
  • Aesthetics: Does your space have a theme? Do your linens match your style? 
  • Organization: Are your linens organized? 
  • Preparedness: Are you prepared for guests? For the holidays? 

Involvement – Consider how much you want to be involved in the planning process of the design. Do you currently use an interior designer or do you often handle projects yourself? 

Budget – Plan at the early stages of the project. This is important no matter if you are working with an interior designer or choosing your own linens and accessories. Consult with a Linens Stylist now to prepare, invest, and align your overall budget for the project. What is your hi-low budget per room?

Timeline – What are your timing needs? Whether you are working with an interior designer or on your own, the timing of ordering your linens is important. Planning early is best. Some made-to-order special order linens and upcoming holiday essentials may need to be completed with a longer time frame in mind. Make sure the completion date is planned in advance with the linen stylist.

How to Select the Right Linen Stylist for your Home

Finding the best linens for a luxurious home and lifestyle begins with knowing who to trust for the finest quality fabrics, the most detailed craftsmanship, and a consistently great experience. When selecting the right linen stylist for your vision, consider someone who takes your vision into great consideration as they create a space that reflects both your personality and enhances your day-to-day life. 

As a highly sought-after linens stylist, Liz Barbatelli offers expert guidance to help curate beautiful creations for any project. Each design is carefully selected to bring to life the creative vision of her clients. Liz’s passion expands her role and expertise as President and Owner of E. Braun & Co. in Los Angeles, while simultaneously operating The Laundry at Linens Limited, both of which are praised by prominent figures, celebrities, interior designers and customers throughout the country. 

How to Prepare your Home for Working with a Linen Stylists

If you are planning to work with a linen stylist, you will need to give them as much information about your projected design needs as possible. Consider these steps in your preparations to ensure a smooth and organized experience working with your personal linens stylist and consultant: 

  1. List desired rooms to be designed or upgraded – Decide how many rooms and spaces will be assessed and designed by the linens stylist.
  2. List the current items that you may want to keep and use in your renewed linen inventory –  If you own any vintage linens or family heirlooms that you plan to have repurposed or incorporated into the overall design, be sure to share them with the linen stylist when in the planning stages.
  3. List the desired linen inventory for your table, bed, and bath linens –  Consider the current count of linens you have for each room that is being designed, as well as how many of each piece per style you will need. For example, how many towels in each size do you want per bathroom. How many sets of sheets do you need per bedroom? Or how many sets of table linens do you need or want. This may depend on how many sets of dishes you have or how many dining areas.
  4. List where and how your table linens and table top accessories are currently stored and the desired arrangement. 
  5. List where and how your bed linens and towels are currently stored and the desired location and arrangement of each.  


Working with a personal linens stylist is making a commitment to enhancing your life. You will never regret the lustrous feel of falling into warm sateen sheets or the simple magic of using the perfect patterned placemats at your table. The right linen stylist will highlight your style and personality while bringing both luxury and function to your space. 

With an astute eye for the absolute finest in bed, bath, and table, Liz Barbatelli’s designs and curations create lasting experiences that elevate the simplest everyday lifestyle. The integration of her expertise and her unmatched design eye inspires Liz’s artistry as she transforms her clients’ homes. To request a consultation, learn more about working with Liz Barbatelli as your Linens Stylist here



A love of linens is innate in my being. There's no greater comfort than beautiful Supima cotton bedding, 100% Giza cotton towels, and gathering family and friends around the dining room table dressed to perfection with linen napkins and festive settings.”


“A love of linens is innate in my being. There's no greater comfort than beautiful bedding, 100% cotton towels, gathering family around the dining room table, dressed to perfection with linen napkins and festive settings.”

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