Luxury Linens for the BED, BATH and TABLE


Fine Linens Expert, Stylist & Designer

A passion for the sartorial and distinctively rich materials has been forever coursing through my being. I know no other way to approach living. Every object should be considered for its unique beauty and utility.

Liz Barbatelli has honed a timeless, eclectic style as a world-leading expert in fine linens. A passion for illustrious objects of beauty is in her blood, instilled by a rich family lineage of entrepreneurs, artists, world travelers and collectors of art, antiques and all things wondrously made by hand. Liz evolved her own craft through decades working with prestigious fashion brands, including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Liz Claiborne. As President and Owner of E. Braun & Co. in Los Angeles, an atelier devoted to premium linens, Liz’s astute eye for the absolute finest in bed, bath, and table has seen her emerge as one of the country’s most in-demand stylists and purveyors of luxury home goods.

As the granddaughter of a fine tailor and the daughter of an international businessman and an interior designer and artist, Liz was destined to become a tastemaker. Liz was initially exposed to cultures from around the world when her parents returned home from traveling with artifacts, paintings, and antiques from around the globe. They amassed an impressive collection of contemporary art and fine furnishings, and her childhood home was always immaculately decorated and elegantly appointed with crisp beds with tailored linens, monogrammed or embroidered towels, and elegant placemats and napkins. .

When she was young, Liz’s mother began taking her to design showrooms to select fabrics for draperies and furnishings for her home and when old enough, allowed her to select her own fabrics and fine linens for her room — sparking her colossal future in home styling.

After graduating from the Stern School of Business at New York University, Liz worked on Wall Street and soon segued into prominent, creative positions in the fashion industry. As a production director at Ralph Lauren and a founding member of the sales team at a new division of both Calvin Klein and Liz Claiborne, Liz was immersed in all modalities from design to production to distribution, learning from the absolute best in the business.

Decades later, Liz realized her foremost passion for fine linens and artisanal traditions with the establishment of E. Braun & Co. in Beverly Hills, a West Coast iteration of the historic fine linen house originally founded in Vienna in 1893 with its landmark location on Park Avenue in New York. Making her distinctive mark with an extensive elite clientele, Liz is sought-after for her wealth of experience providing custom styling and creative design services that elevate luxury residences across land, sea and sky.

With her extraordinary respect for preserving the integrity of quality textiles, Liz also spearheads The Laundry at Linens Limited, an old-world artisan laundering service for fine and vintage table and bed linens, praised by prominent figures and customers throughout the country. Liz acquired their detergent formula and continues to develop The Laundry’s Finest, a line of premium care and laundry products for the home, sold online and at specialty stores across the country. .

Throughout her distinguished career, Liz has developed a refined appreciation for unique design and style and cultivated her love of objects of inheritance and inherent beauty. Although her expertise is well-established, Liz continues to evolve as she partners with talented artisans, designers, and architects to create coveted spaces. .


the LIZ Method

“Linens are the foundation of everyday living. They are literally the connecting thread from the heart of the home throughout every space of experience. They should be a first consideration, not an afterthought.”

Liz Barbatelli provides essential luxury goods programming for her clients’ homes with expert guidance to select, specify and produce distinctive designs for bed, bath and table. Like a fashion stylist and personal tailor in one, Liz navigates the global marketplace and curates a unique collection of artful accessories, tabletop treasures and table linens, bedding, and towels beautifully articulated with a variance of simple finishing to artisanal details depending on the project’s scope and budget.

Whether a custom built house or the specialized environments of a private yacht or aircraft, Liz considers the entire lifestyle experience of her clients, understanding their individual needs and comfort preferences in addition to the desired expression of style and specific space requirements. Liz collaborates closely with clients at every stage of the process – from design conception to production and final installation – assessing the most suitable melding of form and function to match every aspiration and enhance the design and architecture of any space, project and style.

Following the distinctive requirements of each individual project, Liz provides a truly one-of-a-kind, exceptional program of luxury product sourced from both branded collections and made-to-measure items from long-standing artisanal studio and design partners as per the specific needs of every one of Liz’s clients.

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DESIGN Philosophy

An inspired, well-lived life is one that approaches the everyday with a considered sense of appreciation for moments and objects that are inherently restorative and joy-giving. Liz believes that true luxury in the home is founded on good design – design that embodies high-level form and function as its essence. Thoughtful objects made from quality natural materials with dedicated attention to every detail artfully elevate and bring elements of intimacy and harmony into our lives. For Liz, it is this purposeful beauty that creates the most transformative, connective experiences and the guiding philosophy behind every expression of her deep-set love of daily luxuries and everlasting commitment to the finest of linens.

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