Luxury Linens for the BED, BATH and TABLE


“We spend a third of our lives sleeping, restoring our health and overall well-being. Luxurious, quality bedding is vital to creating a sanctuary of sleep. Fine linens have an extraordinary return on investment.”

LINEN Curation

A sought out linens stylist, Liz carefully selects from a variety of styles and colors to create lovely and comfortable settings that reflect the personality of the client.

Extravagance and comfort align in Liz Barbatelli’s vibrant linen collections. Liz elevates the day-to-day experiences in our own homes through her unique vision and artistry for bed, bath, and table. Having worked alongside fashion and interior industry leaders for over a decade, Liz’s designs are built from a foundation of beauty, balance, and functionality. Her timeless linens capture her innovative vision: she weaves time-honored traditions with refined elegance and expression.

Liz’s designs are carefully selected to embolden any space. Her talent in complementing an environment grows from her innate ability to embody personality through design.

Rich in theme and story, Liz’s curations captivate the imagination. Her eclectic vision ranges from luxury-driven or modern and classic, to relaxed and funky. Liz’s touch is a class of lasting style all her own.


The integration of her expertise and the vision of her clients inspire Liz’s custom artistry. She believes in uniting family heirlooms with modern design, to honor the unique stories and heritage that these pieces hold, while simultaneously repurposing them as functional works of art in her new vision. Liz collaborates with interior design and architectural teams or clients directly, in her revitalization of both interiors and exteriors, for a truly resplendent transformation of any given space.

Liz is committed to enhancing the creative visions imagined by both clients and partners alike. Her renowned partnerships with interior designers, boutique hotels, or aircraft and yacht purveyors bring forth the sophistication and finesse needed to polish any space. Liz works with an eclectic variety of looks to create picturesque spaces defined by her fine design underpinnings.


E. BRAUN & Co.

The signature collection at E. Braun & Co. in Los Angeles, expressly curated and designed by Liz Barbatelli, provides luxurious linens of the highest quality for bed, bath and table from across the globe. E. Braun & Co. became legendary with the founding of its shop in Vienna in 1893. With the freedom to customize any product and design from a wide array of color palettes, detailing and techniques, personalized creativity is what distinguishes E. Braun & Co. from other purveyors and brings your distinctive vision of beauty to life.


in Bed, Bath, and Table

Liz Barbatelli and her team at E. Braun & Co. provide dedicated and personalized service for clientele with an extensive selection of collections and made-to-order curations from around the world. As an atelier devoted to time-honored sartorial traditions, Liz works with all her clients to create lasting, personalized pieces.



Quality, artisanal fabrics are a bona fide investment in elevating everyday living and merit special treatment. For treasured linens, towels, bedding and favorite clothing, premium laundry care is essential to preserving their natural beauty and integrity for years of enjoyment.

The Laundry is a specialized service that provides expert care for fine bed and table linens and specialty pieces with a unique approach steeped in true artisan care for cleaning and restoring cotton and linen fabrics including the use of a carefully calibrated, pH-balanced and 100% organic pure laundry powder. The Laundry blends old world techniques with new world service, providing delicate care and pristine packaging of all items and heirlooms for clients from coast to coast.

Owned and guided by the expertise of Liz Barbatelli, The Laundry honors its more than 60 years of exclusive safekeeping of yesterday’s cherished heirlooms and today’s.

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A Passion for Beauty

“An environment infused with luxurious, quality linens elevates and enriches our lives in the most remarkable ways. From hand-finished Supima cotton bedding and pure Giza bath towels to a simple linen napkin beside a morning coffee, everyday moments are transformed into extraordinary. ”


“A love of linens is innate in my being. There’s no greater comfort than beautiful bedding, 100% cotton towels, gathering family around the dining room table, dressed to perfection with linen napkins and festive settings.”

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