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March 4, 2022

The 20 Best Bed Linens According to Luxury Linen Expert, Liz Barbatelli

Selecting fine bed linens – and bringing a curated, beautiful look together – can feel impossible without direction. Luckily, we can rely on the advice and recommendations of acclaimed design expert and linens stylist Liz Barbatelli to find the best linens on the market today. 

Liz selected these 20 best bed linens based on the most classic form and function, using her expertise and mastery of curating distinctive linen experiences to guide the way. 

Whether you prefer a crisp and smooth percale or a silky sateen, selecting the right weave and premium-quality bed linen is about finding a bespoke combination that is quintessentially you. Beyond aesthetics, your chosen fabrics and thread count should reflect your sleeping habit, comfort preferences, and commitment to care.

From classic heritage brands to couture designs made to order, browse Liz’s top classic selections below to help identify what feels true to your inimitable spirit and aligns with your lifestyle.

Best Cotton Sateen Bed Linens

Cotton sateen bed linens provide a luxurious slumber and are made of Egyptian, Pima, or Supima cotton, which are heralded as the highest quality for their long-staple fibers that are simultaneously comfortable, lovely, and long-lasting. Depending on the thread count, sateen fabric can be thought to be warmer than percale or linen. The sateen weave feels buttery soft and is naturally a little more wrinkle-resistant. 

If you’re looking for a new set of indulgent sateen linens, start here. Many are available at your favorite linen shop. Liz suggests shopping there for the best service.

Sferra Giza 45 Sateen – These Sferra fine Giza Egyptian cotton sheets are made with natural materials sourced from the Nile river valley and woven by master craftsmen in Italy. Available in three muted neutrals and featuring a subtly detailed hemstitch, this sheet can complement a variety of styles.

E. Braun & Co. Giotto Sateen Collection – Take a page from those in the know and elevate any sleeping space with the unparalleled 600 thread count specially certified Supima cotton sateen sheets by E. Braun & Co., grown in the USA, woven by Italian craftsmen and finished with a baby hemstitch called Punto Parigi. 

Frette Doppio Ajour Collection – From Italian maker Frette comes the Doppio Ajour Collection of linens, featuring the brand’s signature double open hemstitch for an understated but distinct complement to your bedroom. 

Matouk Nocture Sateen Collection – Enjoy 100% Egyptian cotton sateen with self-toned applique band detail from family-owned Matouk with a commitment to craftsmanship. Nocturne is available in 28 beautiful colors.  

Pratesi Raso Rigato Collection – Pratesi, who recently relaunched its classically designed collection, the Raso Rigato collection, features an all-over woven stripe pattern made from extra-long-staple cotton and finished with an impeccable hemstitch. 

Best Cotton Percale Bed Linens

The most luxurious cotton percale bed linens are made of Egyptian, Pima, or Supima cotton, known as the highest quality materials because of their long-staple fibers. The percale weave feels refreshing and sleeps delightfully cool. These cotton linens stand out as some of the finest on the market.

Matouk Lowell Collection

This collection is Matouk’s best-selling iconic style, an excellent addition to any modern bedroom. Lowell sheets are 600 thread count Egyptian cotton percale with a one-inch Nocturne sateen tape border in 31 color variations.

E. Braun & Co Dante Collection

Enhance your sleeping space with 600 thread count private label linens made from specially certified Supima cotton with a percale weave by E. Braun & Co. Materials are grown in the USA, woven by Italian craftsmen, and completed with a baby hemstitch called Punto Parigi. 

Home Treasures N45 Classic Collection

Home Treasures’ crisp and airy Italian percale collection are woven from the finest Giza 45 Egyptian long-staple cotton. Handcrafted in Texas by local artisans, each linen features a timeless, hand-guided hemstitch for a detailed touch.

Pratesi Tre Righe Collection

Elevate any bedtime ritual with one of the world’s most iconic fine linen collections, originally commissioned for Coco Chanel’s home. Distinct in its three-line embroidered detail and featuring signature Egyptian cotton percale, this timeless collection is the epitome of romantic luxury.

Frette Hotel Classic Sheet Set 

Turn bedtime into a refreshing retreat with this classic hotel-style percale sheet set with 2 thin lines of embroidery from long-standing heritage brand, Frette, a maker synonymous with luxury.

D Porthault Paris Coers Collection

Treat yourself to this whimsical, iconic design from D Porthault, available in pink, blue, lavender, and turquoise. Featuring a heart pattern across crisp white cotton percale, the design was originally custom-made for the Duchess of Windsor and represents the power of love. 

Best Cotton Flannel Bed Linens

Cotton sheets with a flannel weave use a brushed finish on both sides for added coziness, perfect for cool fall evenings or cold weather nights. While flannel may be a less universal choice, it can be a snug option to have on hand when the moment is right.

The Company Store – Legends Luxury™ Flannel Collection

Experience the coziest sleep with the Legends Luxury Flannel collection from The Company Store. Made by master Portugal weavers, these hand-crafted cotton flannel sheets are made for cold winter nights and get softer over time, creating a velvety feel. The collection is available in ten muted solid colors.

Best Linen Bed Linens

Linen, derived from the flax plant, makes for a fresh and breathable option for a light and airy bedding experience, especially in the summer. Distinct in its ability to get softer over time, it has traditionally been touted as the crème de la crème of textiles. 

Largely misunderstood by the American market, linen bedding has a natural and relaxed feel if not ironed. When ironed, it adds a crisp and tailored look to your bed. These bed linens stand out from others on the market because of their unparalleled materials and craftsmanship.

Sferra Classico Collection

Renowned brand Sferra offers pristine comfort with their Classico linen sheets that are ultra-breathable and cool to the touch. Made from 100% linen fibers and finished with a hemstitch in Italy, the Classico collection offers a supreme linen sleeping experience.

Home Treasures Linea Collection 

The Linea Collection from Home Treasures combines an Italian percale body, linen cuff, and Doric lace inset to create a perfectly relaxed yet elegant look that fits well anywhere. Made in the USA, Linea offers a resplendent, cooling sleep.

Quagliotti Bristol Collection

For a touch of color with a modern finish, shop the Bristol collection from Quagliotti. This collection uses the finest 100% linen to create a natural but refined look with the most harmonious color combinations of neutral tones.

Matteo Vintage Linen Collection

When aiming for quality in the market, Matteo is a sure win. These Matteo sheets are incredibly light, providing the most delightfully soft and barely-there bedding experience. Perfect for hot sleepers or warmer environments, this linen sheet set is one to consider.

Parachute Linen Sheet Set

Fine linen sheets should have a crisp feel to them, and this linen sheet set available in a wide range of artful colors is the perfect example. Made from the finest European flax and crafted in Portugal, these breathable yet durable sheets embody a cool, placid bed environment you won’t be able to wait to crawl into.

Best Modal Bed Linens

Modal fabric is made from beechwood fibers, emulating a feeling similar to silk, but more casual and easier to care for. Considered an eco-friendly alternative to cotton, modal is a semi-synthetic fabric that combines the beauty and luxury of silk bedding with the easy care of cotton.

Home Treasures Athens Collection 

This modal sheeting gets softer with each wash, making it a great option for someone who wants the ultimate luxury but may not be able to dedicate the time and care that silk requires. The sateen fabric creates one of Home Treasures’ most popular collections, available in solid, dots, and stripes patterns. 

Best Silk Bed Linens

For the ultimate luxury experience, invest in silk linens, known to be one of the softest and most resplendent materials in the world. Silk sheets are not for the faint of heart! They are only for the person who is fastidious about their laundry and has the time to care for them. Here are a few of the top purveyors of silk linens for those selecting their own fine silk bed linens. 

Lilysilk 25 MM 4-Piece Silk Bedding Set

These silk sheets by Lilysilk are made with 100% Grade A mulberry silk that is impressively durable given its naturally lustrous and delicate touch. Great for hair and skin, these silk linens make indulgent beauty rest truly possible.

30 Momme Silk Sheet Set

When it comes to premium silk linens, Mulberry Park Silks is one brand to consider. These 30 momme weight sheets are made from 100% Grade 6A silk. The ivory linens are stunning in every room, bringing an eye-catching luminosity to the aesthetic of the space while delivering exquisite comfort.

Choosing the Best Bed Linens for You

Your bedding is as unique as you are. Every type of linen contributes a different experience, and every person has their own perspective on what is comfortable, beautiful, and practical. The key is intentionally curating the elements that feel most authentic to you and which allow you to enjoy the pleasure of life’s simplest moments.

Many of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best bed linens for you go beyond the conventionally understood criteria of fabric, thread count, and material. Today, you can differentiate by the benefits the linens provide, such as cooler sleeping environments or a weighted linen feel, true benefits you’ll notice every time you get into bed.

Start by asking yourself what you want from your linens–how they affect your sleep, how they feel on the skin, how they play into the design of the room, and how accessible they are to your everyday lifestyle. 

Do you want your bed to feel fresh and cool, soft and silky, or cozy and warm? Do you insist on machine washing your linens, or are you willing to send them to be professionally laundered? Do you want playful and decorative patterns to enliven the room, or something muted and soothing?

There are options for every desired experience. Once you have your ideal bed linens experience in mind, customize your selections by material, weave, color, pattern, and functional features to create an enveloping environment for elevated bedtime experiences that are wholly unique to you and your home.

Luxurious, Accessible Linens Authentic to You

For so many of us, our beds are our sanctuaries. From cozy bedtime rituals to languorous and lazy Saturday mornings sleeping in, the right bed linens can elevate the experience exponentially. 

Whether they are classic cotton, airy linen, or sultry silk, the ultimate retreat following a long day is falling into fine bed linens. These hand-selected, heavenly sheets aren’t exclusive to mansions, premiere hotels, and superyachts; they are entirely accessible for your own haven at home. 

With Liz Barbatelli’s carefully curated list of the finest bed linens on the market and access to her insights and curated collections, you can enjoy that captivating feeling of luxury every night.



A love of linens is innate in my being. There's no greater comfort than beautiful Supima cotton bedding, 100% Giza cotton towels, and gathering family and friends around the dining room table dressed to perfection with linen napkins and festive settings.”


“A love of linens is innate in my being. There's no greater comfort than beautiful bedding, 100% cotton towels, gathering family around the dining room table, dressed to perfection with linen napkins and festive settings.”

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