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August 11, 2022

What Are the Best Bath Towels?

What are the best bath towels

Bathing can and should be a spa-like experience. The little details, like using luxury bath towels, help elevate this everyday task and transform it into one of life’s simple pleasures.

To ensure you’re investing in the best bath towels, shop the finest manufacturers at renowned linen houses and retailers and take the time to learn about the qualities that distinguish fine bath towels from the ordinary. Additionally, understanding how to properly care for your luxury bath towels will extend their lifetime, maximizing your investment and allowing you to indulge a little longer.

The Best Bath Towels for Your Luxurious Home

Finding the best bath towels to suit your luxurious home and lifestyle begins with knowing who to trust for the finest quality fabrics, the most detailed craftsmanship, and a consistently great experience.

Liz Barbatelli, expert fine linen stylist and principal of E. Braun & Co. of Beverly Hills, recommends the following brands and manufacturers as the most highly-regarded and reliable sources for fine bath linens.

The Importance of Preference

While knowing which brands stand out as leading producers of fine bath linens can help kickstart your search for the best towels, much of the decision-making process comes down to personal preference. 

Do you want a soft, cloud-like experience when drying off from the bath, or would you prefer something plush and heavy to envelop you after a shower? Do you prefer the classic look of white towels, or do you envision a rich color to complement other elements of your bathroom’s design? Will a waffle weave towel turn your bathing ritual into a spa-like experience, or does a fluffy terry cloth feel more inviting?

Asking yourself these questions and more will help you pinpoint what feels the most luxurious to you so you can carry those elements into your home through your bath towel selection.

What Makes a Towel Luxurious?

A specific manufacturer doesn’t tell the whole story; it’s important to understand which qualities make up a luxury towel to maximize your experience and investment.

How a towel is made, the fabric used, its feel, weight, absorbency, and aesthetic details matter.

How It’s Made

How the towel is made plays a pivotal role in how the towel feels and how long it lasts. The heritage techniques of well-established manufacturers that many of the fine bath linen brands use to create their signature towels date back decades or centuries and have been perfected over time.


The material, source, and weave of the fabric can also elevate or diminish a bath towel’s quality. 

Cotton is the fabric of choice for fine bath towels because it offers absorbency, durability, and a luscious feel. They are typically made with either Egyptian, Pima, or Turkish cotton.

For towels, the finest cotton is sourced and then woven in either Portugal, Italy, or Turkey. 

Luxury towel weaves include terry cloth, which creates absorbent loops of thread on both sides; waffle weave, which creates a lightweight honeycomb pattern; and french terry, which features loops on one side and typically a waffle or flat weave on the other.

Feel and Weight

The feel and weight of a towel are two other significant factors that can differentiate an average towel from the cream of the crop. 

Towel weight is measured in GSM, or grams per square meter. The higher the GSM, the heavier and more luxurious the towel will feel. If you prefer a lighter weight towel, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s lower quality or less absorbent. A thin waffle weave towel likely has a lower GSM than a dense terry cloth towel, but they can both be luxurious and effective. It’s all a matter of which experience you favor.

The texture and feel of a towel can tell you a lot about its quality. A towel with a scratchy or rough texture will not live up to luxury standards, while one that feels buttery soft, or decadently thick will be a better match for you fine homes, superyachts, and jets. 

You should pay attention to absorbency. A higher quality bath towel will be thirsty, helping you dry off quickly, but this doesn’t mean the towel must be thick. Absorbency and thickness are not the same; a high-quality thin towel can be just as absorbent.

Aesthetic Details

Some fine towels also include aesthetic details such as embroidery or embellishments. You may appreciate hand-crafted appliques or a featured monogram to elevate your towels further.

How to Make Your Luxury Towels Last

Few things in life are better than a fresh, new set of fine bath towels beckoning you from the linen closet or towel bar. Here’s how to keep your towels just as fresh and soft over time:

Washing Luxury Towels

The first time you wash luxury towels should be just before your first use, which will remove any lingering residue from the finishing process. This should be a cold water wash featuring a detergent without additives, such as The Laundry’s Finest Laundry Powder. After the first wash, use warm water and a cool rinse.

When washing luxury towels, sort by color, avoiding combining any different colors in the same wash. Be careful not to overload the washer, which can prevent dirt from releasing or lead to color transfer.

Use Oxy-Clean, Zout, or Spray n’ Wash as needed to treat stains, but avoid any bleaching agents, additives, or fabric softeners.

Only use hot water if the towels are extremely dirty or soiled with makeup or oil and are not a dark color. 

Avoid getting makeup or oil on towels by first using makeup remover or makeup-removing wipes.  Make-up or any kind of oil can leave lasting stains.

Drying Luxury Towels

Once your towels are dry, remove them from the washing machine promptly, lightly shake, reshape, and place towels into the dryer on the Warm or Towel setting or on a drying rack to air-dry. 

Overdying towels can cause damage to their delicate fibers, but removing and folding them while they are damp can lead to a stiff and, possibly, musty odor. Ensure they are adequately dried.

Air-dried towels can feel a bit stiff, but a quick fluff in the dryer without heat will soften them up to their original plushness.

When the cycle is complete, remove towels and fold them immediately to reduce wrinkles. Place them in a dry location to keep them fresh.

Helpful Tips to Care for Your Fine Bath Towels

Here are some additional tips to help you best care for your luxury bath towels and ensure they’re an investment that will last. 

  • Don’t place wet or damp towels into a hamper, and don’t allow wet towels to sit in the washing machine once the cycle is done as these habits can lead to a musty smell or mildew.
  • Don’t use fabric softeners. They will make your towels less absorbent.
  • To keep towels clean, dry, and fresh-smelling, either fold them, or roll them and store them on a bathroom shelf, in a drawer, or in a linen closet. 
  • Avoid ironing towels, which may flatten the fabric fibers and reduce plushness.
  • To refresh towels, run them through a washing cycle with a little laundry detergent. Once washing is complete, dry towels and repeat as necessary. 

Bath Towels FAQs

What is the best brand for towels?

While the best brand will vary from person to person, brands that consistently stand out include Gracciosa, Abyss, Matouk, and/or Sferra.

What makes a towel luxurious?

A luxurious towel is all about the quality and source of the fabric used as well as the skill of craftsmanship. A luxury towel may also include elegant, meticulous detailing to elevate its style. 

Most people think of a “luxurious” towel as one that is soft, plush, absorbent, and fluffy, made with fine terry cloth.

Where can I find luxury towels?

Turn Your Home Into a Haven with Luxury Bath Towels

With the right selection, luxury bath towels can turn your home into a delightful retreat. Finding bath towels that are well-made, absorbent, and durable while appealing to your aesthetics and lifestyle is a process unique to you, but beginning with brand recommendations from expert fine linen stylist Liz Barbatelli provides a strong foundation of options that uphold the highest standards of quality. 

Trust E. Braun & Co. of Beverly Hills for the finest curated selection of bath towels crafted at the premiere workrooms around the world from the finest fabrics. In the pursuit of a luxurious and inviting home, discerning clientele looks to E. Braun & Co. for creative styling, expert finishing, and lasting quality. Gain insights on the best linens for bed, bath, and table directly from Liz Barbatelli and begin transforming your home into a luxurious escape, one bath linen at a time.



A love of linens is innate in my being. There's no greater comfort than beautiful Supima cotton bedding, 100% Giza cotton towels, and gathering family and friends around the dining room table dressed to perfection with linen napkins and festive settings.”


“A love of linens is innate in my being. There's no greater comfort than beautiful bedding, 100% cotton towels, gathering family around the dining room table, dressed to perfection with linen napkins and festive settings.”

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